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Gig Piaggio

Nostalgic originality

Our “ GIG” started in 1948 as multiple installations of a three- wheeler “ APE” another transformation from our famous “Vespa”. It looked like a small sofa added to a “Vespa” two-wheeler where  a sheet metel shell added with the inside finished in wood and covered by  an awning semi-circular bellows and looking like a real horse-drawn carriage with horse. Piaggio wanted to create an economical car to be used by people for short distance journey. It was used for tourism to go to touristic areas, infact mostly used by Northern Europeans and Americans on holiday.

It can be used for weddings and other traditional events.  Vehicles of the 50’s are traditional and vintage style creating a personal touch to your events. Arriving at an event on a gig certainly will be a twist!

It can also be rented for touristic trips around the area for pleasure.

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